Hasankeyf to be Cordoned Off and Closed to Traffic: It is a Cordon of Destruction

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Batman Governor has announced that the ancient city of Hasankeyf, which is soon to be engulfed by Ilısu Dam, will be cordoned off and closed to traffic as of October 8. “It is a cordon of destruction,” Hasankeyf Coordination has responded.

The Ilısu Dam is about to engulf the 12,000-year-old ancient city of Hasankeyf and its surrounding Tigris Valley.

The gates of Ilısu Dam were closed by the General Directorate for State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) authorities on July 18. Since then, the dam reservoir has been filled with water, albeit at a low level.

As reported by Mehmet Kızmaz from the daily Cumhuriyet, the Governorship of Batman, 16th Regional Director of the DSİ Ali Naci Köseli and 9th Regional Director of Highways Ökkeş Ceylan held a Coordination Meeting for New Hasankeyf Residential Area and made statements about Hasankeyf.

The meeting was also attended by representatives from the Housing Development Administration of Turkey (RTÜK).

‘Entries and exits won’t be allowed’

Speaking at the meeting, Governor of Batman Hulusi Şahin has stated that the road of the new Hasankeyf residential area will be opened to traffic as of October 8, 2019, announcing that once this road is opened, the old Hasankeyf road will be closed to traffic:

“When this road is opened, the old road of Hasankeyf will be closed to traffic. From this date on, there will be no traffic in the old residential area. With the opening of the new road, we will place the old residential area completely in a security cordon. Entries and exits will not be allowed.

“For that reason, our citizens have to make their plans according to the calendar of [general directorate for] highways. Their time is running out.”

‘We don’t accept it, don’t keep silent’

Hasankeyf Coordination has made the following statement about the issue:

“The Governor of Batman has stated that Hasankeyf will be closed to traffic as of October 8, exits and entries will not be allowed and Hasankeyf will be completely placed in a security cordon.

“This cordon is a cordon for destructing 12,000-year history and Tigris Valley.


News in Bianet, 25.8.2019
Link: https://bianet.org/english/environment/212206-hasankeyf-to-be-cordoned-off-and-closed-to-traffic-it-is-a-cordon-of-destruction