About Us

In January 2006 founded, the Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive brings currently together a coalition of activists and 86 organisations: Affected municipalities, local environmental, cultural, women and human rights NGOs, professional associations and trade unions. It is possible to describe it as one of the broadest environmental movements in the Kurdish provinces.

We campaign to stop this project and for alternatives to be developed with the input of all relevant stakeholders at all stages with the aim of improving the socio-economic situation of the people in the region, developing the cultural heritage and saving the environment. In that framework the affected people were informed about the project and their rights, surveys were carried out, many reports were prepared, many protests were held in Hasankeyf and Dargecit/Ilisu, the Tigris valley, Diyarbakir/Batman and Ankara, delegations were sent to Europe, coalitions with other anti-dam movements in Turkey were established and relations to many human-rights/ecological organizations were developed on a national level in order to increase the pressure on the destructive Turkish water and dam policy. We try to intensify the campaign and develop the protest on local, national and international level. 

Members of the “Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive”:

(totally 86)

Local Agenda 21, Diyarbakir

Local Agenda 21, Mardin

Local Agenda 21, Batman

Diyarbakir Immigrants’ Association for Social Cooperation and Culture (GÖÇ-DER)

Batman Immigrants’ Association for Social Cooperation and Culture (GÖÇ-DER)

Human Rights Association (IHD)

Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of the Environmental and Cultural Heritage (ÇEKÜL)

Diyarbakir Association for Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets

Association of Archeology, Culture and Art, Diyarbakir

Selis Women Consultation Association, Diyarbakir

Selis Women Consultation Association, Batman

Dikasum – Womens Problems Research and Implementation Center, Diyarbakir

Epi-Dem – Education and Psychological Consulting Center, Diyarbakir

Bahar Culture Centre, Batman

Eastern Scientific and Cultural Reserach Cooperative, Diyarbakir

Mulburry Scientific and Cultural Reserach Cooperative, Diyarbakir

Volunteers for Environment Association, Diyarbakir (ÇEV-GÖN)

Volunteers for Environment Association, Batman

Volunteers for Hasankeyf Association, Batman

Culture and Art Association, Batman

Kürdi-Der, Batman

Association of Nomads, Batman

Mazlum-Der, Batman

Students Association of Batman University

Tourism and Presentation Association, Batman

Association for Struggling against Poverty, Batman

Association of Imams and Ecclesiastic, Batman

Association of Disabled, Batman

Association of Journalists, Batman

Batman Nature Association

Tuhay Association, Batman


Batman Petroleum, Chemical, and Rubber Workers’ Union (PETROL-İŞ)

Union of General Laborers (Genel-Is), Batman

Union of Education, Batman

Union of Food Workers (Tek-Gıda İş), Batman

Union of Installations Laborers (Tek-Gıda İş), Batman

Association of all local mayors in Batman

Union of Local Authority Workers (Tüm Bel-Sen), Batman

Union of Health and Social Service Workers (SES), Diyarbakir

Union of Energy, Industry and Mining Public Laborers (ESM), Diyarbakir

Union of Food Workers (Tek-Gıda İş), Diyarbakir


Diyarbakır Bar Council

Batman Bar Council

Chamber of Doctors, Diyarbakir

Chamber of Doctors, Batman

Chamber of Pharmacists, Mus-Siirt-Batman

Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) Province Coordination, Diyarbakir

Chamber of Architects, Diyarbakir

Chamber of Civil Engineers, Diyarbakir

Chamber of Electrical Engineers, Diyarbakir

Chamber of Environmental Engineers, Diyarbakir

Chamber of Geologists, Diyarbakir

Chamber of Urban Planners, Diyarbakir

Chamber of Mechanical Engineer, Diyarbakir

Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, Diyarbakır

Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) Province Coordination, Batman

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Batman

Chamber of Pharmacists, Batman

Chamber of Shopowners and craftsmen, Batman

Union of Shoowner Chambers, Batman

Chamber of Minibus Drivers, Batman

Trade Chamber Chairman, Batman

Chamber of Cafe Owners, Batman


Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region Municipalities (GABB)

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality

Batman Municipality

Siirt Municipality

Hasankeyf Municipality, Batman

Dargecit Municipality, Mardin

Bismil Municipality, Diyarbakır

Kurtalan Municipality, Siirt

Besiri Municipality, Batman

Gercüs Municipality, Batman

Kozluk Municipality, Batman

Yenişehir Municipality, Diyarbakır

Sur Municipality, Diyarbakir

Kayapinar Municipality, Diyarbakir

Baglar Municipality, Diyarbakir

Sirnak Municipality

Idil Municipality, Sirnak

Nusaybin Municipality, Mardin

Surgücü Municipality, Mardin

Yalim Municipality, Mardin

Kiziltepe Municipality, Mardin

Ergani Municipality, Diyarbakir

Silvan Municipality, Diyarbakir