Dam reservoir has reached Hasankeyf town! Stop filling of reservoir now!

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The filling of the Ilisu Dam Reservoir continues and has reached Hasankeyf town. If not stopped immediately the filling Hasankeyf would be flooded in the next weeks. Following recent pictures from Hasankeyf and Tigris Valley!





Here is a link for a recent video from Hasankeyf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXAjqW-M7s4&feature=youtu.be

7th January 2020

Hasankeyf Coordination

Twitter: @HasankeyfKoord and @hasankeyfdicle
Facebook: @hasankeyfyasatmagirisimi
Email: hasankeyfkoordinasyonu@gmail.com and hasankeyfgirisimi@gmail.com
website: www.hasankeyfgirisimi.net

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